The office of Jakadiya was established after the turbaning of Professor Ladi MFR as Jakadiya Mubi in 2018 by the Emir of Mubi and the mubi emirates council. Even though the turbaning was the conferment was that of a title the emir gave the office of Jakadiya some specific terms of reference these include:
  • 1. Interface and partnering with various organisations and government agencies in order to raise awareness of the developmental needs of the emirate and secure support to implement developmental projects.
  • 2. Coordinate the activities of Sarkin matasa in each of the 25 districts of the emirate so as to facilitate the maintenance of social harmony, encourage youth participation in education and productive activities and collectively assist in solving some of our societal problems.
  • 3. The emirate council also created titles of Jakadiya Mata in each of the 25 districts to assist in realising developmental objectives especially as it relates to women and families.
  • 4. Create and implement projects that will lead to the enhancement of the welfare of communities in the emirate.

To this end the office of Jakadiya Mubi has the task of partnering with different organisations to raise funds and awareness and implement development initiatives in the 25 districts of the emirate.

Professor Ladi Hamalai (MFR) Jakadiya Mubi

Hon. Halima Hayatu - Jakadiya Fali

PA to Jakadiya and Coordinator of Jakadiya Mata (Women Leaders in Each of the 25 Districts)

Mohammed Dangaladima

Coordinator of Sarkin Matasa (Youth Leaders in Each of the 25 Districts)

Mathew A. Unesi

Secretary (Former Ag. Secretary, Mubi Emirate Council)