Jakadiya Mubi Emirate

Mubi Emirate comprises of 5 local Governments, including Mubi North, Mubi South, Madagali, Maiha and Michika. Mubi town, the seat of the Emirate council, is an ancient city that had a reputation for being an international commercial and agricultural hub.
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Jakadiya Mubi

Mubi Emirate Council

Our Objectives



Assist school children attending the Government Basic Education Schools in rural areas of the 25 districts of the Emirate, by supplying exercise books to primary school pupils and JSS students attending public schools. Additionally, text books for Math and English could be supplied in some quantities to school libraries.


Embark on a sustained sensitization campaign with Women (mothers), Teachers and Community leaders to encourage children to attend schools and Teachers to be motivated to do their work more diligently. Best Teachers in schools may be given performance awards as motivation. The objective is to reach a community consensus on prioritizing education in the rural areas and enhance the quality of education.


Engage Community Leaders, Local Governments of Mubi Emirate, Education Committee of Adamawa State House of Assembly and the Adamawa State Government on prioritizing education funding and judicious application of earmarked funds. This would result in release of more resources to education and corruption free utilization of those resources.


Embark on sensitization programmes on ills of substance abuse and the need to prioritize education in our communities. This could be achieved through youths rallies and more positive engagement of youth in social development and peace and conflict resolution.


Work with Schools in the rural areas to develop peace and conflict resolution initiatives. Peace and integrity Clubs will be established in each school and the club members will be taught on peace and conflict resolution. The Peace Clubs will develop a range of activities.


Encourage youths in the rural communities to appreciate farming. Youths will be encouraged to cultivate vegetable gardens and plant trees as a hobby.


Encourage youths to develop sporting activities to positively engage them. The Jakadiya Mubi has supplied sporting kits and organized football competition in 2 local governments only, in response to requests by village Heads and Committee of Principals and HeadMasters.


Develop pilot skills acquisition centers in some Wards, focused on carpentry, tailoring, food processing, hand crafts and computer skills with the aim of entrepreneurship development among our youths and women at the rural community level.


Partner with different interests and organizations in realizing the above objectives.

Operations Support

Each of the above objectives has been developed into a more detailed Implementation Plan. However, the Office of Jakadiya is in the process of raising donor awareness and support. The Jakadiya Foundation has been registered and it is hoped that the Board of Trustees would raise sufficient funds to implement the programmes. The Office has strong executive capacity. Special Assistants such as Mrs Halima Hayatu (a former Commissioner and Adviser in Adamawa State, experienced Secretary (also a Lawyer) and Coordinators of the 25 Youth Leaders and 25 Jakadiya Mata in each of the Districts of the Emirate provide experience and knowledge of the development issues and effective development approaches in our rural areas.

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About the Mubi Emirate?
Mubi Emirate comprises of 5 local Governments, including Mubi North, Mubi South, Madagali, Maiha and Michika.
About the Office of Jakadiya?
The office of Jakadiya was established after the turbaning of professor Ladi mfr as Jakadiya Mubi in 2018 by the emir of mubi and the mubi emirates council.
About Jakadiya Trust Foundation?s
The Jakadiya foundation is established by consensus of the trustees with the onerous objective of raising resources (human, material and financial) to facilitate the social economic development of mubi emirate and also to realise the stated objectives of office of Jakadiya Mubi and those of the emirate council.